It’s no secret, residents and businesses want more energy options. But what if installing solar panels on your own home or business isn’t for you? Too much shade? Don’t own your building? There can be several barriers to developing a solar project on your own. Community solar in Marquette will allow residents and businesses to support renewable energy that is located within the community.

The Marquette Board of Light & Power (MBLP) is providing its electric customers the opportunity to support solar power without installing panels on their property.



A community solar garden will be developed in a location optimally positioned for solar exposure at the MBLP service center at 2200 Wright Street. The solar garden will have 480 315-watt solar panels.

Participants can purchase as few or as many panels as they desire, as long as they are not producing more energy than they are consuming at their residence or business over the coarse of one year. Each participant will receive a proportional percentage of utility bill credit that is equal to the amount of energy their panels produce. By using renewable resources to produce electricity, the solar garden becomes eligible for renewable energy certificates (RECs). A REC is created with every megawatt-hour of electricity generated from the solar garden. The RECs generated from this project belong to the MBLP. View our solar math table to see lease costs and estimated energy output for 1 to 30 solar panels.



If you are a Marquette Board of Light & Power electric customer, you are eligible to help advance renewable energy in our community and state. Participating in the project entitles you to 25 years of credits on your utility bill for the energy your solar panels produce. Panels are limited, so act now! Hop over to our sign-up page to learn more.